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I can relate so much!

I dont think Id be comfortable enough to do this but if I have to okay ahah

funny as shit tho

Really good advice for people new to life drawing!


900% accurate.

This is extremely true from what I’ve heard. MY school does some life drawing with clothing, usually a student, and I plan on taking a few classes with nude models in a local gallery.

Oh my god this is perfect. That was the entirety of my Human Figure and Drawing courses right there.

Omg this is fucking amazing and so much of this is so true. 

this makes me really want to take a life drawing class

and draw genitals in excruciating detail

This’ll be helpful for all you folks who haven’t been to art school. I have so /whistles (I’m That Guy who went to the nice school-)

THAT ASIDE, yeah the second dirty is a pretty accurate representation of my life in the visual arts department. Razors included. Yikes.

I seriously, SERIOUSLY wished that my parents helped me enough to allow me to GO to the college and actually TAKE one of these classes. I couldn’t cause I had to do fucking online classes. I never got the full on experience and I think that’s why i fell behind. I really fucking hope I could draw someone nude one of these days just to practice… ugh… I wanna experience this. My best friend got the chance to and she told me about it. She’s so fucking lucky.

God damn this is accurate

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